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We collaborate with Individuals, Corporates, Architects and Interior Designers for creating customised solutions. We have been creating bold and functional installation pieces such as screens, decorative wall cladding, space structures, chandeliers and various other ‘show-stopper elements’ as per client brief.


There has also been active interest from individuals and corporates to utilise their own scrap and reclaim/reuse it in other forms. From emotional attachments to environmental concerns, this trend has been growing, and we have been able to cater to such varied requirements with our specialist expertise in this area.


We have also created complete interiors with the theme of upcycling. Our greatest capability and expertise are in designing and creating captivating interiors with maximum use of reclaimed materials.

classroom furniture
Discarded mother-board wall cladding
Newspaper wall cladding
Panel made from reclaimed FRP stands
Bed-back from woven nivar
Table-top from jeans tags
Partition for restaurant
Fishing net lamps for restaurant
Customised seating with nivar
Reclaimed bottle chandelier
Reclaimed bottle chandelier
Reclaimed boat restaurant hoarding
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