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We have been collecting and maintaining an exhaustive list of scrap material from various sources. Using this ‘scrap library’, we explore various possibilities of such scrap being transformed into an interesting/ useful object or a piece of art. The upcycled products, furniture and artefacts depicted here, are for display and sale. The interesting aspect of creating a product line is that in many cases scrap is non-standard. Although this presents a design challenge at times, the process also celebrates the uniqueness of the material.


This comprehensive idea of collection, documentation and exploring the potential of discarded material is the heart of our non Profit initiative. Do visit the link for more details -


Some products are available only in limited numbers, whereas some of them are available on orders in bulk. We also design and make customised/ bespoke products based on specific requirements for various hospitality projects and for corporate gifting.

tyre seat
cushion covers
coconut bowl
coconut shell lamp
bicycle plantes
chindi bags
Bamboo lamp
Lamp and Rocking Chair
PipeLine Lamps
PipeLine Lamps
Aurtis Outdoor Lamps
Birdhouse Lamps
various products from foil wrappers
Papier-mâché Bowls
Papier-mâché Stone Magnets
PaperSccape Leaf Bowls & Vases
PaperScape Lamps
Wall Clocks
Mosaic Leaf Coasters
Mosaic Geometrical Coasters
Mosaic Book Stand
Mosaic Birdhouses
Mosaic Lamps
Table Lamps
Paint Bucket Stools
Side tables
Center table in teak wood
Open Bench in teak wood
Center table in teak wood
Red chairs and three leg stool
Side tables
Swinging Chair
Swinging bamboo chair
Meeting table
Renovated coffee table
Renovated flip dressing table
Renovated Parsi dressing table
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