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Spot the Alligator by Dolly Kabaria

The Alligator is not technically a hoodoo yet, but a fin. Fins erode away into hoodoos, and The Alligator is almost there. It is not a very well-known geologic formation, though it is considered a very impressive sight to behold. Bryce Canyon National Park is the only place in the world that contains hoodoos. Hoodoos start as tall thin ridges called fins. The fins further erode into large pinnacles of rock that we call hoodoos. After many many years, the hoodoos weaken and fall adding more color to the already beautiful countryside. Some hoodoos fall into some small rivers and their sediments get carried downstream. When the sediment builds up, new hoodoos are made. Hoodoos create a sort of cycle and recycle themselves. What a poignant illustration of the transient nature of life juxtaposed against the infinitesimal viewpoint of human history!!!


  • Bronze award in Nature/Landscape category at The EPSON International Pano Awards 2018

  • Honorable Mention in Special: Smartphone category - International Photography Awards 2019 (IPA)

  • Honorable Mention in Special: Travel/Wanderlust category - International Photography Awards 2019 (IPA)

Location: Bryce Point, Bryce National Park, USA
Edition: 3/16

Minted using Manifold Creator ERC-1155 Smart Contract.

Spot the Alligator is part of the 'Editions by Dolly Kabaria' collection in OpenSea.

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